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Demonstration of the First Three-State Nanofluidic Field Effect Switch

We report a demonstration of the first 3-state nanofluidic field effect switch! The latest paper "Three-State Nanofluidic Field Effect Switch" published in Nano Letters by Marie Fuest, Caitlin Boone, Kaushik K. Rangharajan, A. Terrence Conlisk, and Shaurya Prakash is now avalible! Link to paper on Nano Letters website is here.

Abstract: We report a three-state nanofluidic field effect switch in an asymmetrically gated device with a forward (positive), off (zero), and a reverse (negative) current state for tunable control of ionic transport by systematically controlling the gate potential. The embedded gate electrode allows for modulation of the ionic current through the 16 nm deep channels as a function of electrolyte concentration and gate electrode location for a fixed streamwise potential.