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Prakash Group Presenting at Transducers 2015

The MSNS group will be presenting an oral talk, "Cation Dependent Transport in a Field Effect Nanofluidic Device" by M. FuestC. Boone, A.T. Conlisk and S. Prakash at the 18th International Conference on Solid-State Sensort, Actuators, and Microsystems Transducers 2015 in Ancorage Alaska from June 21-25, 2015!


Abstract: We demonstrate preferential transport of monovalent cations with respect to divalent cations in a field effect nanofluidic switching device. Ion transport, quantified by the measured ionic current through 16 nm deep channels, is controlled using an embedded gate electrode. Based on valence, ion transport in a nanofluidic channel with the ability to switch 'off' net ionic current via an embedded gate electrode as a function of cation type is reported for the first time.